Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters


Our business is not solely dependent on government funding. , with members contributing 17% of our total revenue and a further 17% being generated through our own fundraising activities and corporate partnerships. In addition we are supported by a large volunteer base, enabling us to leverage employee time by a further 20%.

We operate on a tight budget, with staff continually finding new ways to maintain a ratio of more than one hour of direct member engagement for every hour of paid staff employment.

Our approach gets great results but by focusing on activities and programs as appose to hours of care, our services fall outside the scope of revised government fee for service legislation introduced through the National Disability Insurance Scheme. This places some of our income at risk which could result in our members being at risk of being marginalised from the disability sector, despite having increased needs. We are therefore seeking further sponsorship from corporate benefactors and members of the public


Total Recreation offers an excellent prospect for corporate responsibility programs because we can guarantee that every dollar contributed will directly fund services provided to our members. By including Total Recreation in your social responsibility program, we will provide you with a commensurate level of publicity. In return you can be confident that:



  • Directly benefit a large number of Territorians, including the families of our members.

  • Be co-funded by our members who, despite in many cases having low incomes, are prepared to pay for their activities.

  • Help us to achieve some remarkable outcomes for individual members as a result of their participation in our programs.

  • Be helping to reduce demand on core mainstream disability and health services because of the impact you will have on increasing the wellbeing and health of our members.

  • Be helping to reduce the broader social costs to society resulting from disengaged and marginalised people.

  • Be allocated to program activities: Our overheads are low` and we provide more than one hour of direct member service for every hour of paid staff employment.

  • Develop experiences for your staff through volunteering opportunities.


You could make a real difference to their lives, the lives of their families and the wider community.

By partnering with Total Recreation you can be assured that you are supporting an efficiently managed organisation that can leverage every dollar you donate with contributions from its members, their families, volunteers and our own fundraising efforts.

Total Recreation truly transforms the lives of our members and their families while reducing the wider social costs that can result from disengaged and marginalised members of society.


Contact us today and assist in making the Territory more inclusive for all.