Youth Activities and Special Events

Youth Activities and Special Events

Our 8-17 year old youth members have the fantastic opportunity to participate in youth activities. These activities are held during the school holidays and vary from exciting 1-2 day outings, which include outings to the movies, bowling and having lunch with friends, and longer adventurous youth camps.

The youth camps run and organised by Total Recreation range between 1-3 days. The camps can include overnighting at the Northern Territory Wildlife Park or participating in 3 day long adventure camps. All camps are jam packed with fun and excitement and offer a great range of diverse activities such as canoeing, bush walking, cooking, gaining hands on experience with the wildlife and many more exciting opportunities.

Youth members also have the opportunity to participate in Youth Special Events, which include Circus Oz, Base in the Grass and a variety of other live musical and stage acts on offer in Darwin.

Bookings for the youth activities and special events must be made on the Wednesday prior to the activity. All upcoming activities and special events can be found in our current newsletter.

Turn off the Xbox, get out, get active and join us for some fun and adventure!