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Empowering our members for more than twenty five years in the Territory we follow a pathway to genuine social inclusion. Our programs allow members to participate in the programs of their choice that best suit their needs and desired outcomes.


Total Recreation is not a traditional disability service provider. Most of our staff are trained in sport and program delivery our focus is on activity “support” rather than “care”. We have always had a contemporary approach towards empowering our members: They determine our activities and programs, they set their own goals and we support them to achieve their desired outcomes.


Meet Raymond from Palmerston

Raymond has been a member of Total Recreation for more than 20 years. Before joining he had many negative work and life experiences and as a result lacked confidence.

He has since proved himself a consummate ballroom dancer and has won several trophies. He has also participated in many other Total Recreation programs including basketball, tenpin bowling, art and crafts as well as travelling interstate and overseas.

As a result he has gained a massive increase in confidence and self-esteem. His family have recognised that his sense of social inclusion has increased and he is now independently involved in community activities. This has resulted in a happier and easier home environment.


In Raymond’s own words “Total Rec is a big issue in Darwin. It gets people involved. Total Rec is like family to me”

Total Recreation is a member driven disability organisation that provides sporting, social and holiday experiences, enabling members to achieve health, happiness and personal fulfilment. Most of these experiences are integrated into mainstream society, e.g. attending public events and joining and participating in local sporting clubs. 

Programs are developed from suggested activities and goals identified by members. We then develop programs and activities, support members to attend with the aim of giving them the confidence to do more and more by themselves. Financial contributions from each participating member show the value they see in participation and this demand based “pay for what you do” model has underpinned our success for more than 25 years.

Meet Sally from Palmerston

Sally first attended a Total Recreation’s Boot Camp in early 2017. Her family says that before joining she often stayed at home alone and did no regular exercise. She had few friends and generally did not communicate or interact well with others.

Following Boot Camp she started to come out of her shell, participated in Dancing with the Celebrities, and joined the walking program, aqua Zumba and lawn bowls activities.

One year later Sally has significantly increased her level of physical activity and has achieved improved mental and physical health.

Her family have noticed her gain in confidence, self-esteem and improved self-sufficiency. They have commented that the past 12 months has been her best year.   Her support staff have noted she does a lot of giggling after Total Recreation activities.


In Sally’s own words “Like to dance – Yes I can!”

Our approach gets great results but by focusing on community focused activities and programs as opposed to specific hours of care. We operate on a tight budget, with staff continually finding new ways to maintain a ratio of more than one hour of direct member engagement for every hour of paid staff employment.


Our business is not entirely dependent on government funding, members contribute 17% of our total revenue and a further 17% being generated through our own fundraising activities and corporate partnerships primarily the K2DC and Dance with Celebrities Gala Ball fund raisers. In addition we are supported by a large volunteer base, enabling us to leverage employee time by a further 20%.

Our approach gets great results but by focusing on community focused activities and programs as opposed to specific hours of care. We operate on a tight budget, with staff continually finding new ways to maintain a ratio of more than one hour of direct member engagement for every hour of paid staff employment.

Meet James from the northern suburbs

James became involved with Total Recreation while still at school and has since progressed to other programs. He has autism and an intellectual disability and struggled to develop a social network after leaving school.

James now enjoys socialising with other Total Recreation members and regularly participates in social activities including holidays and tenpin bowling. He loves attending the V8s.

His parents have recognised that he has achieved greater independence as well as a network of friends. They are now able to take breaks from caring for their son. Total Recreation helps James to attend events that he would otherwise have been unable to attend.

In James’ own words “I went in a helicopter, it was great. Getting the Total Recreation newsletter is the highlight of my week”. His mother has said that “on Total Recreation programs he feels like everyone else”


We support people with disabilities to genuinely integrate into society by developing their confidence, self-esteem and sense of purpose.  As a result our members are healthier and able to lead significantly more meaningful lives




Total Recreation


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